Thanks for visiting my corner of the internet! I’m Kaley.


a little bit about me

  • I’ve been doing photography + videography for about three years! I have my bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication with an additional focus on public relations + business.

  • I’m also working on a master’s degree in Mass Communication as well! I’d love to teach one day!

  • I am married to the best person I know and he always pushes me to go after my dreams (and not overload myself). I’d marry him again tomorrow and every day.

  • We have two (CUTE, AMAZING, PRECIOUS, HANDSOME, PERFECT) cats and you know I’m not obsessed or anything.

  • Even though I don’t feel like I deserve it all the time, Jesus loves me and is always working for my good.

  • I’m not a super serious person so expect things to come out of that. OOH SUPER VAGUE HINT.

  • I LOVE sweets. Really anything that’s sweet - cookies, cake, chocolate. I’m a blast at weddings because I WILL eat your cake and thoroughly appreciate it.

  • I have this weird thing about odd number years, but I’m really feeling 2019 so let’s change it.

  • Family is important to me. I’m learning to not overextend myself and make myself interruptible for others.