Meet Kaley



I started KMCo. as a lifestyle photography business in 2015, but always loved working with brands along the way. In 2019 after years of commercial work I decided to completely 180 my business and focus completely on small businesses and brands. I love the opportunity to tell brand stories in ways that are only unique to that brand. I love working with the game changers, smart shakers and side-hustlers. Armed with a master of strategic communication and an bachelors in mass communication, I enjoy equipping and educating small business owners on how to communicate effectively to their ideal audience and pushing their brands to be the best, most authentic version of itself.


When I’m not working, I enjoy visiting new restaurants with my husband, Zac, and snuggling our two cute cats, Piper and Calvin. My design inspiration is a modern twist on some serious 80’s vibes. Despite the fact that I wear black 90% of the time, I really do love color and vibrancy in design. My true passion can be found in educating others on how to communicate in meaningful and effective ways to change the social climate for the better which I do through my podcast, Miss Communication. I love what I get the opportunity to do and am blessed with the wonderful business that I have!



Hear from creatives and business owners, like you, on how authentic communication is the key to a vibrant life and business success! Listen anywhere where you get your podcasts like Apple Podcasts or Spotify.